Novak Weather: Stormy pattern for Minnesota with a couple of gorgeous days tucked in

This is an entertaining weather pattern.
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It could be a bumpy night in southern Minnesota as strong and possibly severe storms move through. 

"I'm not expecting a major severe weather outbreak, but it does pay to keep an eye to the sky the rest of the afternoon and evening," said Tom Novak in his June 4 Novak Weather briefing for Bring Me The News. 

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The best chance for feisty storms is again mainly south of the Twin Cities, with the National Weather Service saying thunderstorm chances increase after 3 p.m. 

"Severe weather is also possible with large hail and damaging winds the main threat," the NWS said, which falls in line with the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) placing far southern Minnesota in a slight risk for severe activity. 

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Friday looks drier and slightly cooler, but the active weather pattern could bring more heavy storms to the Dakotas and Minnesota over the weekend and into early next week. 

South Dakota looks very stormy on Saturday while Minnesota gets another amazing day. But parts of western Minnesota could get wild on Sunday as storms push in out of North Dakota. Then on Monday and Tuesday, the storm pattern could bring rounds of storms to Minnesota. 

"No doubt that the potential for severe weather is going to be there Monday evening," said Novak of Monday's forecast. 

The good news is that areas of central and northern Minnesota could get copious amount of rain through Tuesday, which is welcome since many areas of greater Minnesota are experience moderate drought conditions. 


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