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Oct. 1 Weather with Sven: Snowflakes will be falling in Minnesota

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In March, temps like we are experiencing now will prompt Minnesotans to put the tops down on convertibles and wear shorts and sleeveless shirts. In fact, the next few days will bring the coldest temperatures we've experienced in much of Minnesota since April and May. 

Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard has the details on precisely how cold it's going to get Thursday night into Friday morning, and where parts of northern Minnesota could see some snowflakes fluttering through the air. 

No accumulations are expected, but October is starting off with a hint of changing seasons, that's for certain. It's even cold for up north this time of year. Here's the simulated future radar for the next two-plus days – where you see blue is an indication of potential snow flurries. 


"High temps will be in the 40s for most, with lows reaching down into the 20s. For some context, these temps are normal for late October and early November!" says the Duluth office of the National Weather Service. 

"Given this cooler weather, a few snowflakes may be possible this weekend. Following this cooler period, normal temps return back into the forecast by next week."

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