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Oct. 19 Weather with Sven: Tracking Tuesday's snow in MN

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Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard is tracking Tuesday's snow event that is poised to bring the first accumulating snowfall of the year for most Minnesota, including in the TWin Cities where Sundgaard is currently predicting 3-5 inches of accumulation. 

Some of Sven's key details: 

  • Snow pushes into western Minnesota by 6-7 a.m. 
  • Snow starts in the Twin Cities late morning, heaviest in the afternoon.
  • Snow is done by midnight. 

"Don't pay attention to specific models because the models can't account for the warm ground, how much melting and compaction there will be," said Sundgaard, who notes that the computer models are suggesting anywhere from 4-9 inches. If this storm were happening in the winter months, there definitely would be 6+ inches in some spots. 

"Either way, several inches of snow is a strong likelihood for the metro," he said. 

Looking further out, rain is likely in the metro on Thursday, while northern Minnesota will get another shot at accumulating snow. 

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