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Oct. 20 Weather with Sven: Updated snow totals forecast

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Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard has the latest on the snowstorm that is impacting Minnesota on Tuesday, and snow has pushed into the Twin Cities metro area as of this writing (10:45 a.m.). 

"We are looking at substantial snowfall for most of us," said Sundgaard, who expects heavy bursts of snow throughout the day. 

"We are expecting it to stay snow all day in the Twin Cities and areas north," Sven says, "and that's why the south metro will be some of the heaviest snow totals out of this because they'll be right on the edge of some of the heavier [precipitation] where it is just cold enough to stay snow." 

Sven said he won't be shocked if there are some isolated 8-inch accumulations in south-central Minnesota or into the south metro. 

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