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Oct. 22 Novak Weather: Sunday snow potential in southern MN

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So far this week the Tuesday snowstorm was more impressive than the Thursday storm, with the Twin Cities and parts of southern Minnesota getting hit harder than parts of central and northern Minnesota. 

But we're not yet with October snow. According to Novak Weather, Sunday promises to bring another round of snow to southern Minnesota. Accumulating snow is certainly possible, with the best chance currently poised to be near the Minnesota-Iowa border. 

Novak calls it a "fairly solid and respectable area of snow," with the models tossing out 1-2 inches in the Twin Cities while the Interstate 90 corridor could pick up 3-6 inches of snow. 


Then it gets really cold early next week, with temps struggling to break 30 degrees in the metro area on Monday and Tuesday. 

The good news for all of you already sick of wintry weather is that the forecast calls for temps rising back into the 50s during the second half of next week. 

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