Overnight storm drops hail on the Twin Cities

Who saw that coming?
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People in the Twin Cities were awakened overnight by a strong thunderstorm that produced frequent lightning and hail for some. 

The storms developed in southwest Minnesota around midnight and then raced east towards the Twin Cities, delivering a bit of an October blow between about 2:30-3:00 a.m. 

No reports of large hail, with most of the ice chunks falling from the sky ranging from pea to penny/dime size (0.25 inches to 0.75 inches). Regardless, nobody in the metro went to bed expecting to be awakened by a mini hailstorm after the weather we've had lately. 

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Here's what October weather has brought to the Twin Cities so far. 

  • Rained almost every day the first week of October. 
  • Went from 73 degrees Oct. 9 to 34 degrees two days later. 
  • It snowed a little bit Oct. 11-13. 
  • It hailed in the middle of the night Oct. 15. 

Go back to the final day of September and you can add in the fact that it was 86 degrees with a 70-degree dew point. Oh, and there was an epic blizzard in eastern North Dakota and accumulating snow in northwest/west-central Minnesota. 

The rest of Tuesday is forecast to bring showers and a high temperature in the upper 40s. Another cool day Wednesday before temps rise into the 50s with sunshine on Thursday, followed by 60-degree (maybe 70 for some folks in southern Minnesota) weather Friday-Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. 

It's a long way out, but another storm system could impact Minnesotans late in the weekend or early next week, the weather service notes. 

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