Parts of northeast Minnesota, northern Wisconsin getting slammed by snowstorm

Snow along the shore of Lake Superior has been piling up.
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Tremendous amounts of snow have fallen with more to come for portions of north-central Wisconsin and extreme northeast Minnesota. 

Let's begin in Minnesota, where more than a foot of snow has already fallen in Grand Portage, with another 2-6 inches possible by mid-afternoon Friday. 

Further south, a heavy, quick-hitting band of snow dumped 2-3 inches along Interstate 94 from Albany to Otsego to Woodbury on Friday morning. All of the snow is associated with a storm that's dumping 6-18 inches of snow in northern Wisconsin. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 10.25.47 AM

Northern Wisconsin's totals are being enhanced by lake effect snow, which is when a cold storm system picks up moisture from warmer lake water, then freezing that moisture and dropping it back to the ground in the form of snow. 

Here's a look at a simulated future radar. The dark blue represents the very heavy snow that could produce 1-2 inches of accumulation per hour. 


Cold air will remain in place across all of Minnesota through early next week, with a chance of temperatures rebounding into the 40s by Wednesday or Thursday, which would be normal for this time of year. 


In the meantime, temps will stay 10-15 degrees below average and northwest winds  gusting to 30 mph Friday night will bring wind chills into the teens and single digits across most of Minnesota, with subzero wind chills possible up north. 

If you're headed out to any of the high school football state tournament games, you'll really need to dress in layers to stay warm Friday night and Saturday afternoon. 

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