Parts of southern Minnesota could hit 80 degrees on Wednesday

Areas north of the warm front will likely be 20+ degrees cooler.
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If you live in southern Minnesota you're going to see a significant warmup from Tuesday to Wednesday. 

Tuesday, temps will be stuck in the 40s for most of Minnesota, but the National Weather Service is forecasting high temps in the 60s, 70s and maybe even a few 80-degree readings for southern areas of the state on Wednesday. 

A warm front will lift north tonight and stall along I-94 Wednesday. Temperatures south of the front will warm into the 70s, with an 80 degree reading not out of the question. North of the front, highs in the 40s and 50s are expected," the weather service says. 

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The best chance for temps nearing 80 degrees will be along and south of the Minnesota River. Temps north of the front could be 20 degrees cooler. 

The Twin Cities looks to be a little too far north to see 80 degrees, but on the outside chance it does happen it would mark the first 80-degree day since September 30 when the mercury rose to 86 at MSP Airport. 

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