Quick inch of snow Wednesday before temps plummet in Minnesota

No big storms in the forecast.
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Minnesota is in the midst of a dry, cold period but temperatures will warm quite a bit in the coming week. 

Parts of Minnesota could get a dusting up to an inch of snowfall Wednesday afternoon into the early overnight hours, but nothing more is expected. It could be a nuisance for the afternoon commute but nothing more than a broom will be necessary to remove it from your sidewalk. 

A pretty boring forecast after that as temps drop sharply with highs in the teens on Thursday and Friday – that's about 10-15 degrees below normal for this time of year – and overnight lows dipping to zero or below zero as far south as the Iowa border. 

A slight warmup with temps in the 20s over the weekend and then maybe, just maybe, some daily highs above freezing by mid-week next week. 

No big snowstorms in the forecast for at least the next week. 

Boring, I know. 

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