Rainfall up to 2 inches in the Twin Cities with snow accumulations possible to the north

Nothing quite like waking up to snow on the ground this time of year....
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Nothing beats a May day when the forecast calls for a high of 45 degrees with 1-2 inches of rain soaking the ground. 

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"Rain will develop this morning, and spread across Minnesota, and western Wisconsin during the day," says the National Weather Service. "Heavy rainfall is likely this afternoon in southern Minnesota, and parts of west central Wisconsin."

But wait, there's more goodness. 

"Cold air will wrap into this system tonight, changing the rain over to a mixture of rain & snow in central, west central and southwest Minnesota. Some accumulations are possible, but mainly confined to the arrowhead of Minnesota."

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Here's a look at the simulated future radar (may not work in some browsers), showing the rain change to snow in some locations. 

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The NWS suspects higher elevations of southwest Minnesota, like the Buffalo Ridge, and parts of central and northeast Minnesota, stand the best chance for a dusting of snow to a few inches around Lake Superior Wednesday night. 

Nothing like waking up May 9 to snow on the ground...

Honestly, this is going to be the dreariest May 8 since 2002, in case you've been keeping track. 

  • 2018: 72 degrees, 0.37 inches of rain
  • 2017: 70 degrees, 0.25 inches of rain
  • 2016: 70 degrees
  • 2015: 62 degrees, 0.02 inches of rain
  • 2014: 69 degrees, 0.59 inches of rain
  • 2013: 78 degrees, 0.12 inches of rain
  • 2012: 60 degrees, 0.06 inches of rain
  • 2011: 65 degrees, 0.18 inches of rain
  • 2010: 52 degrees
  • 2009: 63 degrees, 0.13 inches of rain
  • 2008: 63 degrees
  • 2007: 75 degrees, 0.13 inches of rain
  • 2006: 70 degrees, 0.23 inches of rain
  • 2005: 77 degrees, 0.25 inches of rain
  • 2004: 70 degrees
  • 2003: 63 degrees, 0.44 inches of rain
  • 2002: 52 degrees, 1.28 inches of rain

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