Scorcher! Twin Cities hits 50 degrees for first time in months

Enjoy the sun, everyone!
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Sunday has been a scorcher (relatively) in the Twin Cities, with the mercury hitting 50 or the first time in months.

The decidedly spring-like temperatures mark the first time since Oct. 26 that the weather station at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport has hit 50.

That's a 127-day gap, per the National Weather Service Twin Cities.

It was a fitting way to start the first day of meteorological spring, though we're still got a few weeks till astrological spring starts on Mar. 19 – so if you're a follower of the astrological calendar, it just hit 50 in winter.

And it doesn't look like the recent warmer weather is going anywhere soon.

Looking ahead to this week, after a day in the high 30s on Monday, the Twin Cities is set for sunny weather in the low to mid 40s between Tuesday and Friday.

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Then Saturday is looking like another 50 degree day, with some overnight lows of 40 possible.

It's been a while now since the Twin Cities has seen snow. So far this winter, MSP Airport has recorded 42.9 inches of snow. The average winter produces about 54 inches in the Twin Cities, so another 10 inches or so is needed to get there.

That past two years have seen major snow dumps in April, so don't store away your snowblower just yet.

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