Small town sets Minnesota record for wettest year ever recorded

Waseca's record was shattered by nearly four inches.
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Remember in early December when we wrote about Caledonia unofficially setting a new state record for the wettest year ever observed in Minnesota?

It had set the record, as of Dec. 7, with 56.59 inches of precipitation. According to Kenny Blumenfeld, a senior climatologist with the DNR Climate Office, Caledonia finished 2018 with 57.97 inches, which would've been the record if not for a town 35 miles to the southwest. 

Congratulations, Harmony, Minnesota. You're the new wettest place in Minnesota's recorded history with a grand total of 60.21 inches in 2018. 

Harmony, a town of just over 1,000 residents that dubs itself the "Biggest Little Town in Southern Minnesota" sprinted by Caledonia with 2.94 inches of precipitation in December. 

The top five in Minnesota all time now include three from this year. 

  1. Harmony - 60.21 inches (2018)
  2. Caledonia - 57.97 inches (2018)
  3. Waseca - 56.24 inches (2016)
  4. Mabel - 55.55 inches (2018)
  5. St. Francis - 53.52 inches (1991)
Harmony is located in Fillmore County in far southeast Minnesota. 

Harmony is located in Fillmore County in far southeast Minnesota. 

The National Weather Service isn't allowed to comment on the record or verify it until the government shutdown ends, according to Blumenfeld, who's tracked the data that shows Harmony had 18 days with at least one inch of precipitation in 2018 and seven days with at least two inches. 

"The largest daily precipitation total was just 3.86 inches, so this likely record was not anchored by one major event," says Blumenfeld. 

The annual precipitation record in the Twin Cities was set in 1911 with 40.15 inches, and the all-time Twin Cities record low was set a year earlier in 1910 with a bone-dry 11.54 inches.

You can see more Twin Cities precipitation records right here

Note: Precipitation records are tracked in liquid form, so a 10 inches of snow might be equal to one inch of liquid. 

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