Storm dropped hail the size of baseballs in central Minnesota

Breezy Point was among the areas hit hard by a powerful storm.
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baseball-sized hail

A supercell thunderstorm that pushed through central Minnesota and raced east towards Duluth before moving over Lake Superior produced some incredible hail and powerful winds Friday night. 

The photo above shows a hailstone the size of a baseball that fell in Breezy Point in Crow Wing County. 

The severe thunderstorm warning from the National Weather Service warned people in the path of the storm that it was a "life-threatening situation" due radar indicated winds of 100 mph in the strongest part of the storm. 

That frightening notification was released by the NWS around 7:25 p.m., with the radar imagery below showing base velocities within the storm. The dark blue area is likely where the strongest winds would've been. 

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It's not totally clear how much damage the storm left in its path, but reports include a house near the small town of Waukenabo in Aitkin County with significant damage, and according to the Brainerd Dispatch there was a report of a collapsed roof that trapped people inside and injured an 80-year-old man. 

Other reports include many downed trees and power lines, including a large tree crushing a car in West Duluth, an area that appears to have been hit pretty hard. 

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