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STORM UPDATE: Derecho with hurricane force winds possible in Wisconsin

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Parts of Western Wisconsin could be set to experience derecho-level winds as a massive storm system makes its way from northern Minnesota southeast Wednesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service describes the system as a "concerning threat" that could bring hurricane force winds to parts of Wisconsin, with the potential that eastern Minnesota could get hit too.

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"Given the degree of instability and strong flow aloft, the development of a derecho is certainly  possible with widespread wind damage caused by hurricane force winds," it says.

"Some tornadoes may also accompany the line," it adds, noting that the timing of the system is likely to be 5-9 p.m. in western Wisconsin.

As Sven Sundgaard notes, the worst of the system is set to miss the Twin Cities, but temperatures will rise throughout the day, though it's not likely to hit the expected 100 degrees due to morning cloud cover.

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