Temps dropped into the 20s in northern Minnesota on June 13. Repeat: June 13

Yes, the 20s.
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If you left your windows open overnight in the Twin Cities you undoubtedly woke up to a refreshing chill in your home as temperatures dipped into the 40s. But if you live in northern Minnesota and did the same, you damn near froze to death. 

The temperature in Hibbing at 5 a.m. Thursday was a numbing 28 degrees. That sounds delightful in January, but it's curse word-worthy in mid-June. 


The fact that you can go to Canada and get warmer than Hibbing is a testament to why we're the Bold North. But honestly, if I lived in Hibbing today, I'd run to Target – 30 miles away in Virginia – and buy a bottle of bronzing lotion and cover my body in it just to feel like it's summertime in Minnesota. 

Anyway, here are the morning lows in the Northland, led by the record daily low of 28 in Hibbing. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.10.15 AM

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