The National Weather Service updates its winter forecast for Minnesota

El Nino will have an impact, forecasters say.
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Snow plow in Richfield

The National Weather Service has updated its long-range forecast for the upcoming winter, and it's all good news for Minnesotans who prefer it a little warmer during the winter months. 

The Climate Prediction Center says there's a 40 percent chance Minnesota has above normal temperatures from November through January, and a 40 percent chance they remain warmer than normal through February

The temperature outlook for November-January suggests it could be warmer than normal. 

The temperature outlook for November-January suggests it could be warmer than normal. 

Who do we thank for this kind gesture? El Nino, which forecasters in Duluth say "will influence the Great Lakes by favoring above normal temps & drier than normal precip for the winter."

But here's the thing. We're still subject to blasts of cold air and big storms, with the long-range forecast indicating we'll have equal chances for above normal or below normal snowfall. 

If you ask the Farmers' Almanac you'll get an opposite answer about the upcoming winter. 

The mild, gentle winter forecast by climatologists from the National Weather Service, and by the Old Farmer's Almanac, is "fake news," according to the Farmers' Almanac

Their forecast promises the worst of the extreme cold will come in mid-February, while the snow will be above normal all winter, including some extra oomph in March.

We'll see what happens. In meantime, don't be surprised if you wake up Saturday morning to a quick burst of snow in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Not much is expected in terms of accumulation, but the NWS says if it does snow, it could be somewhat intense for a very short period of time.  

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