The rainiest days of the week in the Twin Cities since the beginning of April

Wednesdays have been a gong show since April 1.
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There have been 70 full days since the beginning of April and at least a trace of rain has fallen in the Twin Cities – at MSP Airport, specifically – on 37 of them. 

That's for a period of April 1 to June 9, and here's how it breaks down day-by-day. 

  • It's rained 4 of 10 Mondays. 
  • It's rained 5 of 10 Tuesdays.
  • It's rained 8 of 10 Wednesdays. 
  • It's rained 5 of 10 Thursdays. 
  • It's rained 6 of 10 Fridays. 
  • It's rained 5 of 10 Saturdays. 
  • It's rained 5 of 10 Sundays. 
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If you don't count the days where only a trace of rain fell, then it's only rained appreciable amounts on 27 of the 70 days. 

But still, a trace of precipitation can equate to a day like this past Sunday, when it was gloomy and chilly most of the day until the sun broke through for a pleasant evening. 

Which days has the most rain fallen?

  • It's rained 2.18 inches on Mondays. 
  • It's rained 1.15 inches on Tuesdays. 
  • It's rained 3.73 inches on Wednesdays. 
  • It's rained 0.83 inches on Thursdays. 
  • It's rained 0.39 inches on Fridays. 
  • It's rained 1.77 inches on Saturdays. 
  • It's rained 0.80 inches on Sundays. 

It also snowed between 4-5 inches on both Wednesday, April 10 and Thursday, April 11. 

Basically, if you've had outdoor plans on Wednesdays since the beginning of April, you've probably had to cancel them or move them inside more often than not. 

For you fair-weather fans, there have been 12 days since April 1 where the no rain fell and the temp reached at least 70 degrees in the Twin Cities. 

Twelve out of 70. That's 17 percent, or slightly less once every six days. Uffda! 

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