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There it is, the National Weather Service has uttered the words 'plowable snow'

Just. The. Messenger.

Look, nobody knows for sure if it's going to snow next week, but it's that exciting time of year where we're all (ok, maybe not all) nervously excited for the first big Minnesota snowstorm. 

So when the National Weather Service starts talking about "plowable snow," we take notice. 

"We're still seeing signs of a more significant storm system coming out of the southern Plains toward the Great Lakes for around election day," says the Tuesday morning forecast discussion from the Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service.

"This system will have to be watched closely as the western periphery of its precip shield has the potential to put down a plowable snow."

We're not trying to be the conductor of the hype train for a "maybe" snowstorm that's still a week away, but if the NWS is talking about it, it's only fair that the public knows about the potential. 

The Twin Cities averages 9.3 inches of snow in November, making it the fourth-snowiest month on average. 

Basically, all three of the main forecast models show a "powerful storm system" moving from the southern Plains to the Great Lakes. One model has the system further east, another keeps it further west and the third has it right in the middle.


"At this point, given the spread and the lack of run-to-run consistency we are seeing, it's to early to get caught up in a specific solution, but the fact that they are all showing a strong storm system developing east of the Mississippi River next week does warrant keeping a close eye on the forecast for then," the forecast discussion notes. 

In fairness, forecasts from NWS offices in Grand Forks, Duluth and La Crosse don't make any mention of this potential storm in their forecast discussions. 

Winter is coming. It's going to snow .... eventually. It might even be next week. 

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