Tracking storm chances midweek, intense heat for the weekend in Minnesota

Heat index values could soar over 100 degrees on Saturday.
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Heat and storms. One is certain, the other is not. 

The National Weather Service is very confident that temperatures will rise into the 90s in Minnesota by Friday, with peak heating arriving Saturday as temps soar into the mid-90s in the Twin Cities and even hotter in areas west of the metro.

The humidity will also be high, so heat index values – how hot it feels outside – could soar above 100 degrees. It's going to bring the people begging for winter's return out of the woodwork. 

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Excessive heat warnings may be issued in advance of the hot days to come, meaning everyone will be encouraged to take it easy outside and drink plenty of fluids. 

Remember, there have been just 10 days of temps at 80+ degrees in the Twin Cities this year, so we're not as acclimated to the heat the way we typically are by this time. 

The unknown in the forecast is if and when strong to severe storms will move through the southern half of Minnesota. 

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The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities says a line of storms could sweep through late Wednesday through the overnight hours into Thursday morning. Or, if storms don't initiate on Wednesday, the stage could be set for some boomers on Thursday afternoon. 

The latest NAM 3KM model's simulated future radar (may not load in all browsers) shows a line of storms racing through southern Minnesota and into the Twin Cities very early Thursday morning, which would be in line with what the NWS is talking about above. 


As always, the model is just one of many and will change over the next 48 hours. But don't be shocked if you wake up Thursday morning to some intense storms.

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