Twin Cities could get its first snowflakes of the season; so long, 70 degrees

Outside of south-central Minnesota, the weather service expects flakes to fly Saturday.
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While eastern North Dakota braces for a powerful snowstorm, Minnesota is on the brink of falling off a cliff in terms of temperatures, and that could lead to the first snowflakes of the season, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) in the Twin Cities. 

"A major winter storm is expected to impact the Dakotas starting tonight," the NWS Twin Cities says. "We may see some lighter accumulations into western Minnesota Friday night, while snow showers Saturday will bring most of us our first sight of snowflakes this season, though with minimal accumulations."

More specifically, the weather service says that "most folks outside of south centralMN will likely see their first snow flakes of the season."

In a nutshell, the weather service is encouraging everyone to enjoy Wednesday as much as possible, because it might be the last amazing fall day we get in 2019. 

"Today may very well be the last time we see 70 for the next 5 or 6 months. A powerful cold front will move through Thursday night, with it feeling more like mid-November by this weekend," says the NWS Twin Cities. 

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Basically, temps are expected to rise into the 60s in the Twin Cities on Thursday before the bottom falls out with highs around 40 Friday-Sunday, and lows Saturday and Sunday morning diving near the freezing mark. 

Mix in the 40 mph wind gusts Friday-Saturday and you've got yourself a recipe for the first wind chill readings of the season! For example, if it's 35 degrees outside and the wind gusts to 40 mph, that creates a wind chill of 20 degrees

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So how much snow is going to fall in eastern North Dakota? Here's the latest snowfall map from the NWS, although it should be noted that there are a lot of questions remaining about how much snow will actually fall along North Dakota-Minnesota border, according to the NWS in Grand Forks. 

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Here's the latest simulated future radar from the NAM 3KM computer model. It's reflective of a period beginning Wednesday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. Clearly, North Dakota is going to get pounded by the snow while Minnesota deals with some rain showers, strong winds and cold temps. 


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