Twin Cities could hit 70 for first time in nearly 6 months on Tuesday

It hasn't hit 70 in the Twin Cities since early October.
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Minus the fact that going places during the pandemic is difficult, this weekend is going to be rather gorgeous for early April as most of Minnesota will enjoy temps in the 40s Saturday and 50s Sunday, with sunshine and relatively calm winds both days. 

That's fine and dandy, but have you seen how warm the National Weather Service is forecasting it to get by Tuesday? They're tossing around 73 degrees for the Twin Cities and parts of southern Minnesota. 

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"Temperatures will increase from the upper 40s today, to the upper 50s Sunday, mid 60s Monday, and low 70s Tuesday. Then another cool down will follow for the remainder of the week," says the Twin Cities office of the NWS. 

We'll deal with the cool down when we get there. For now, all eyes on the prize of 70-degree weather for the first time since .... hang on, going to have to dig to find the answer ... ah! Found it!

The last time it was 70+ degrees in the Twin Cities was October 9 when the high temp at MSP Airport reached 73. 

That was 179 days ago (5 months, 27 days). 

Now that you're excited, how about some cold water in your face? 

The forecast discussion says that models are suggesting that after Tuesday cooler weather will prevail, with a possibility of "highs in the 40s and lows in the upper 20s through the 18th." 

Here's as warm as the Twin Cities got in every month since that last 70. 

  • April: 61 (so far)
  • March: 61
  • February: 46
  • January: 38
  • December: 44
  • November: 46

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