Twin Cities likely to end stretch of nearly 5 months without 50 degrees

It hasn't been 50 degree in the metro since Nov. 1, 2018.
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Snow will be melting away this week. 

Snow will be melting away this week. 

By law of nature (probably), Minnesotans are not allowed to go more than four months and 20 days between 50-degree temperatures. 

Mother Nature is pushing it this year but she might just deliver the first 50-degree day in the Twin Cities this Thursday, which just so happens to be the second day of spring. 

March 20 can't come soon enough. That's what we were all thinking during last month's brutal snow and cold, but it's more true now than ever before with 50 degrees currently forecast for the Twin Cities. 

The ante might be upped on Friday with a forecast high of 54!


Seriously, though, it's been almost a million years since it was 50 in the Twin Cities. To be exact, it was Nov. 1 last year when the daytime high reached 51 degrees. 

If we reach 50 on Thursday we'll have gone a numbing stretch of 140 days of sub-50 temps. That's 38 percent of a full year. 

Check out the monthly high temps since last November. 

  • November - 51 degrees 
  • December - 46 degrees 
  • January - 47 degrees 
  • February - 39 degrees 
  • March - 43 degrees

More good news: there's no precipitation in the forecast until at least the weekend, and that's no guarantee either. 

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