Update on possible winter storm over Thanksgiving weekend

The storm is still over the Pacific Ocean so it's still too early to give an exact forecast.
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A winter storm will bring a band of heavy snow to the Upper Midwest this weekend, but it's current track would keep the heaviest snow in Iowa and southern Wisconsin. 

According to the National Weather Service, a low pressure system will be driving through the center of the country with severe weather to the south of it and heavy snow on the northwest side of it.

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Because this is a huge weekend for travel, this storm will need to be paid some attention. And because the storm is still days away, and slowing down some, the National Weather Service isn't quite ready to guarantee it misses Minnesota and the Twin Cities. 

"There are several models still spreading snow as far north as Madison and the Twin Cities. In addition, probabilities for various increments of snow are't all that impressive in the areas the deterministic runs agree will be hit. Therefore, not willing to say it will completely miss us to the south yet and it should still be watched," the NWS Twin Cities forecast discussion said Thursday morning

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The farther south you live in Minnesota the better your snow chances are, especially in far southeast Minnesota. Here's what the La Crosse, Wisconsin, office of the NWS is saying. 

"A storm system continues to look like it will impact the region to close out the Thanksgiving weekend. With the system still over the northern Pacific Ocean, it is too early to know where the storm will hit and with how much precipitation. Right now, it appears the storm would bring snow to the area from Saturday night through Sunday."

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