Warm temps this weekend could melt what's left of the snow in southern Minnesota

Almost time to start mowing the lawn...
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Tell you what. We should give a standing ovation to that critter in Pennsylvania that saw its shadow and predicted an early spring, because that little woodchuck seems to have nailed the long-term forecast. 

In Minnesota, the snow is a-meltin' each and every day, and the Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service says warming temps the next five days could get rid of the rest of the snow by Monday. 

"The warmth will be very notable as expected dew points rise into the 30s/40s ahead of a cold front Sunday evening. These higher dew points should increase the melting of the snow pack if we still have some leftover this week," reads the Wednesday morning forecast discussion. 

Key part of that is the "if we still have some leftover this week" part. 

The snow pack is dense and holding approximately 1-2 inches of water across a large area of southern Minnesota, the weather service said while noting that there are locally higher amounts in central Minnesota and west-central Wisconsin. Northern Minnesota still has a healthy snow pack, especially on the Iron Range. 

"It will take some time for the snow pack to ripen and accelerate the melting. However, this scenario looks very promising for the upcoming weekend," the discussion concludes. 

Naturally, the bigger piles from shoveling, plowing and snow blowing will take longer to melt, but that brown grass is already showing in yards that are exposed to the southerly sun every day. 

At this time last year there was still about a foot of snowpack in southern Minnesota, including parts of the Twin Cities, where 39 inches of snow fell in a record-setting February. 

Look at the year-to-year snow pack on March 3. 


There could be some rain/snow moving through Minnesota, mainly north of Interstate 94, on Thursday. Nothing big expected, but it will be quite windy with gusts reaching 40-50 mph, especially in the open areas of western Minnesota. 

Accumulating snow in the range of 2-5 inches is forecast for Thursday up along the international border north of the Iron Range, with lighter amounts and freezing drizzle for much of the Northland. Roads could be slick Thursday morning. 

This weekend will be the best weather Minnesota has had since temps climbed into the upper 60s in the Twin Cities in mid-October. There's talk of temps shooting into the 60s in southern Minnesota, including the metro, on Sunday. 

There could be a storm system moving through around the Monday timeframe, but the weather service isn't promising anything just yet. Stay tuned. 

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