Washout Wednesday with snow possible in parts of Minnesota

Rain could turn to a wintry mix and snow in some areas.
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Snow in May isn't unprecedented, but it is quite unusual. With that, you might consider the chance of rain changing to snow Wednesday afternoon and overnight into Thursday to be quite negative. 

Sadly, it appears to be a possibility, especially in central and northeast Minnesota. Here are the details, sponsored by Pet Evolution 

Check out the simulated future radar (may not work in all browsers) from the NAM 3KM model. It shows rain beginning in southwest Minnesota overnight and then spreading widespread heavy rain through the southern half of the state through the morning and afternoon before diminishing from west to east late in the day. Notice how the rain changes to snow in central and northeast Minnesota?


"Much of the day Wednesday will have chances of rain across the region, but will transition to a wintry mix Wednesday night and Thursday morning," says the National Weather Service in Duluth. "There is still considerable uncertainty regarding precipitation types, and possible snow accumulation amounts during this time frame."

The NWS Duluth notes that the NAM model is probably overdoing how much snow will fall, but 2-4 inches near Lake Superior isn't out of the question, although the forecast will be refined throughout the day Wednesday. 

But wait, there's more. 

"This storm is quite dynamic and definitely has potential for significant snowfall accumulations, but it will be riding a thermal profile that is razor thin as far as whether or not the [precipitation type] will be rain or snow hence the mix in the forecast. Either way, it will be something to keep an eye on," NWS Duluth adds in it's forecast discussion

That's not encouraging, but OK. We'll play the waiting game. 

Temperatures Wednesday will struggled to move out of the low 40s, even in the Twin Cities, where all rain is expected. 

Fortunately, temps gradually rise Friday, Saturday and Sunday before we reach near normal daily highs of around 70 degrees next week. Any snow that falls will be gone before northerners know it. 


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