Way Over Our Heads podcast: 5 memorable weather events in Minnesota history

Ever heard of the mammoth wind storm that hit Minnesota?
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On this week's episode of the Way Over Our Heads podcast, Kenny and Jim have a lively discussion about the currently "boring" weather, why the geography of Minnesota sets us up for climatic extremes, and five historic Minnesota weather events to remember.

  • Start to 2:15 – Recapping our first "big" snowstorm of the season. 
  • 2:16 to 4:01 – We're off to a very boring start to winter. 
  • 4:02 to 4:50 – Many Minnesotans might be in for a grey, brown Christmas. 
  • 4:51 to 8:23 – Minnesota's geography helps creates weather extremes. 
  • 8:24 to end – 5 memorable weather events in Minnesota history. 

The five memorable weather events include (not ranked in any particular order): 

  1. Mammoth wind storm of October 1949. 
  2. Greatest flash flood in Minnesota history. 
  3. The Dust Bowl's impact on Minnesota in the 1930s. 
  4. 1940 Armistice Day blizzard. 
  5. The 1965 Twin Cities tornado outbreak. 

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