Way Over Our Heads podcast: All of this snow, rain next week adding to spring flooding threat

Major flooding is becoming more likely with every drop of precipitation.
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This weekend's snow coupled with what could be a significant amount of rain next Tuesday through Thursday is bad news for flood-prone areas of Minnesota. 

That's the topic of discussion on this week's Way Over Our Heads podcast with Jim du Bois and climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld. 

"To say it is dire may be a bit of an understatement," said du Bois, hinting that parts of the state could be in line for flooding comparable to the 1965 record flooding. 

"It's a bold move to say that this flood will rival that, but the snowpack is larger and more even across the state than we've ever seen this late in the year," Blumenfeld added. "We are looking at significant flooding potential along all the major rivers in Minnesota." 

  • Start to 5:49 - Latest on this weekend's snowstorm. 
  • 5:50 to 7:46 - Major flooding likely this spring
  • 7:47 to 10:05 - Significant rain storm Tuesday-Thursday?
  • 10:06 to 14:55 - More on the impacts of this weekend's snowstorm.  
  • 14:56 to end - Recap.  

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