Way Over Our Heads podcast: Barrage of winter weather for Minnesota

Eastern and southern Minnesota are in the middle of a very active pattern.
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Sunday's snow in the southern half of Minnesota is just the beginning as multiple storms could disrupt travel, and climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and co-host Jim du Bois, of the Way Over Our Heads podcast, are all over it. 

"I'd say a large part of southern Minnesota will have added at least 15 inches of snow. I'd say I'm being conservative, too," says Blumenfeld. "There's certainly the possibility that some parts of Minnesota, over three separate events, will have more than 25 inches of snow falling this week."

Here's the full podcast. 

  • 0:00 to 6:40 - Recapping the past week of weather.
  • 6:41 to 13:43 - Parts of MN could get 25 inches of snow this week.
  • 13:44 to 15:50 - Twin Cities still warmer than average this winter.
  • 15:51 to 16:50 - We're in one of the most active periods Blumenfeld can remember.
  • 16:51 to 20:35 - Schools aren't getting soft, people are simply getting wiser.
  • 20:36 to end - Why forecasting snowfall totals is so difficult. 

"Number one comes on Sunday," said Blumenfeld, which is already well underway with the metro and parts of Minnesota picking up 4+ inches of snow. 

Number two is a panhandle hooker beginning Monday night. 

"Not a total blockbuster snow, not the biggest snow on record. But a school-canceling, travel-delaying, dangerous road-condition-type event," said Blumenfeld. 

You can get the latest on this looming storm by checking out our Weather MN blog

The next one comes either Thursday or Friday, and that one is a "little iffier," says Blumenfeld, who adds that it could "be a beast" if it actually hits Minnesota. But don't bank on this one just yet because it's a long way out.

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