Way Over Our Heads podcast: Heavy rain in Minnesota this week, is winter finally over?

Heavy rain this week could lead to more river rises in Minnesota.
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Is Minnesota's winter goodbye finally ending? 

In this week's "Way Over Our Heads" podcast, climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss last week's snowstorm, the prospects for midweek rains, deadly tornadoes in the Deep South, the kind of/sort of Severe Weather Awareness Week and the power of the mid-April Sun.

  • Start to 3:30 - Recapping last week's April snowstorm. 
  • 3:31 to 5:54 - Hundreds of power poles snapped by blizzard winds. 
  • 5:55 to 10:24 - What made that snowstorm so tough to forecast. 
  • 10:25 to 12:13 - Nasty tornadoes, severe storms in the deep south. 
  • 12:14 to - Will heavy rain, storms be followed by snow this week?

Yes, they're literally talking about snow chances after heavy rains move through southern Minnesota this week. It's nothing crazy, but Blumenfeld thinks we can finally guarantee no more snow within the next two weeks. 

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