'Way Over Our Heads' podcast: 'Real deal' deep freeze coming to Minnesota

It'll cold really cold this Thursday-Sunday, but even colder late next week.
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The gates of the Arctic have opened and winter looks poised to pour into Minnesota late this week. 

This week on Way Over Our Heads, Jim du Bois and climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld discuss the specifics of the cold that's coming, ponder what it takes to be a real winter, and herald a new unofficial official weather record for Minnesota!

It'll get cold later this week, especially in northern Minnesota where the high temp in Bemidji for Hockey Day Minnesota (Saturday) is -4 degrees. But Blumenfeld says "the real deal" cold, and possibly a snowstorm, will come later next week. 

"Pay attention because weather conditions will be changing and temperatures should be dropping, and it does look like whether it snows or not it's going to be a windy transition," says Blumenfeld. 

"That means wind chills will be pretty dangerous conditions to be stuck outside in, so be prepared, it's Minnesota winter." 

Beyond MLK Day, forecasters are suggesting cold conditions to continue through the end of the month.

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