Way Over Our Heads podcast: Severe storms Monday, signs point to very active September weather in Minnesota

It's going to be a wet week, and possibly a very wet September.
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"Even if the weather models have over-forecast by 50 percent, we're still going to see 2-3 inches of rain across the area," says climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld in this week's episode of the Way Over Our Heads podcast. 

Blumenfeld calls Monday's severe weather setup a "pretty explosive scenario" that is dependent on how much warm and humid air gets north of Interstate 90 on Monday afternoon. 

"This doesn't look like a full-on outbreak," says Blumenfeld, but storms capable of producing hail, damaging winds and tornadoes are possible. In fact, he hinted at September potentially finishing as one of the most severe weather months of the year. 

More severe weather looks possible Wednesday and Thursday, and maybe again next weekend. But another big threat is how much rain will fall in areas that get hit hardest with wave after wave of storms. 

Here's the full episode with Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois. They also recap the severe weather outbreak from Labor Day, the destruction left by Hurricane Dorian, and the controversy over President Trump’s alteration of a map of Dorian’s track.

You can listen to all of the Way Over Our Heads episodes on the podcast's website right here

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