Way Over Our Heads podcast: Severe weather, heavy rains on the way

The window for severe weather in the metro is 4-8 p.m.
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storm clouds

As part of Bring Me The News' well-rounded severe weather coverage, the guys from the Way Over Our Heads podcast have recorded a special episode – only 8 minutes long – to discuss today's storm potential. 

"The one thing we're lacking that would really make this a slam dunk is strong winds aloft," says climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld. "With weaker winds aloft, we still have enough instability, we still have enough of that wind shear at the lower levels that we could certainly see some tornadoes, some hail, some strong winds and we're almost certain to see heavy rain somewhere in southern Minnesota." 

"Any time after 3 o'clock is when things will start becoming more interesting, but the window is 4-8 p.m.," Blumenfeld said. 

Thunderstorms that train over the same areas could lead localized rainfall totals of 2-4 inches. 

"The heavy rain is all but guaranteed," Blumenfeld added, noting that the threat area is pretty much centered over the Twin Cities. 

Meanwhile, here's the weather briefing on the severe chances from Novak Weather. 

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