Way Over Our Heads podcast: Spring flooding update, and what happened to El Nino?

Listen to the newest episode of a Minnesota weather and climate podcast.
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Parts of Minnesota currently inundated with water from rising rivers, streams and creeks have plenty to deal with as it is, but Minnesota has been rather fortunate of late that dry weather has kept the flooding from going completely berserk. 

That's one of the talking points in this week's Way Over Our Heads podcast with Jim du Bois and climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld. 

"Will the dry weather hang on?" asks du Bois, who leads the conversation with Blumenfeld on the lack of precipitation mitigating flooding, the longer-term spring flood outlook, what happened to El Nino, and the devastation that a tropical cyclone brought to Mozambique. 

They also discuss a climate conference that took place this past week in Duluth, and preview Blumenfeld's upcoming Thursday, March 28 performance at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis: "But It Was Cold Last Week (And Other Sins Against Climatology)." 

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