Way Over Our Heads podcast: Sunday blizzard, spring flooding and more snow possible this week

Jim du Bois and climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld break it all down in their weekly podcast.
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This week's episode of the Way Over Our Heads podcast is perfectly timed to discuss how intense Sunday's blizzard winds are, and Jim du Bois and climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld get into a great discussion about how different Sunday's blowing snow will be in urban areas of the Twin Cities compared to greater Minnesota. 

Meanwhile, all of this snow increases the threat of spring flooding, and there might be more snow this coming week. 

Podcast talkers: 

  • Beginning to 3:05 - Brutal blizzard conditions Sunday.
  • 3:06 to 6:39 - Snowiest February in southern Minnesota's recorded history.
  • 6:40 to 9:13 - Spring flooding outlook.
  • 9:14 to 11:53 - More snow Tuesday? Cold to stick around.
  • 11:54 to end - Whatever happened to El Nino?

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