Way Over Our Heads podcast: We're in the home stretch of summer, how will it go?

As of Wednesday, the meteorological winter begins in 103 days.
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The National Weather Service may as well start issuing winter storm watches because Minnesota's summer is almost over. 

The State Fair has arrived, Target is packed with Halloween candy and soon enough the flakes will be flying and we'll all be wishing for heat and humidity as we overlook the dirty snow and slush that'll blanket the land for about, oh, a million days. 

Sorry. Got carried away there. 

Anyway, the Way Over Our Heads podcast is back and the latest episode features climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois talking about: 

  • A taste of fall in the air. 
  • Severe weather, heavy rains from last weekend. 
  • Fall-like mornings in August. 
  • Hurricane season outlook. 
  • Prospects for a warm, wet September. 

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*Podcast was previously recorded so you will hear mentions/previews of storms that happened Tuesday. 

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