Way Over Our Heads podcast: What does active severe weather in the south mean for Minnesota?

The guys from the Way Over Our Heads podcast dive into severe weather season.
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tornado Scandia

A tornado near Scandia, Minnesota from a recent summer. 

Do the prospects for mid-to-late spring severe weather outbreaks in Minnesota increase if the deep south and plains states experience a more active than usual severe weather season? 

That’s a question that climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld hopes to answer as he sifts through historical storm data. 

In this episode of the Way Over Our Heads podcast, Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss the recent severe weather outbreak in the south featuring a long-track tornado in Mississippi that was at least two miles wide.

Also, a look at the conditions that create the potential for severe weather in the Midwest, when severe weather is most likely in Minnesota, and why now is the time to think about how you can protect yourself and your family when storms threaten.

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