Way Over Our Heads podcast: What will the weather bring in March?

Recapping the insanity of February and looking at what might happen in March.
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"The verdict is in: February's weather basically sucked!" says Jim du Bois in the opening of this week's Way Over Our Heads podcast. 

Records shattered, blizzard conditions, extreme cold. February also brought unusual weather to Hawaii, California and Washington. 

The upside? We are now in meteorological spring as of Mar. 1. The first day of actual spring is Mar. 20. 

March can be a month of extremes in Minnesota with snow, cold and often our first bout of severe weather. Jim du Bois and climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld also take a look at a return to below zero low temperatures and the prospect of more snow later this week.

  • Open to 5:05 - Recapping the crazy February weather. 
  • 5:06 to 12:20 - Weather was also crazy in Hawaii, California and Washington. 
  • 12:21 to 14:51 - Major spring flooding possible in parts of Minnesota. 
  • 14:52 to 17:34 - March could be variety of impactful weather. 
  • 17:35 to 21:29 - What could this week's weather bring?
  • 21:30 to end - In April 1984, Minnesota had a tornado followed by snow. 

Note: podcast was recorded Mar. 1. 

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