Weak storms could produce small hail in the Twin Cities on Tuesday

The storms will be spotty and will not be severe.
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A clap or two of thunder along with some small hail is possible in parts of Minnesota Tuesday as a cold front works its way through the state. 

In today's Weather MN blog, brought to you by Pet Evolution, the National Weather Service is talking about non-severe storms that could produce a little hail: "Due to very cold temperatures aloft, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few storms along this front later today, with some small hail."

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Simulated future radar shows minimal storm development this afternoon and evening, but where they do form they could bring a quick shot of rain, and maybe some small hail. This is a simulation for what could happen between  11 a.m. and 8 p.m.


To recap, not everyone will get rain, thunder or hail on Tuesday, which will otherwise be completely gorgeous, albeit a bit windy, with temps soaring into the 50s. The forecast high in Minneapolis is 54 degrees. 

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Beyond Tuesday, the cold front will bring gusty winds into Wednesday morning but temps will rebound back up to around 50 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday before we really start to warm up into the weekend. 


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