Weather service gaining confidence in another snowstorm slamming Minnesota early next week

The weather service is previewing a potential large winter storm early next week.
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It's better to be prepared than caught off guard and that's why the National Weather Service (NWS) is already publicizing the chance for another snowstorm to move through Minnesota early next week. 

"Confidence is beginning to increase on another system coming out of Colorado and heading into the Great Lakes early next week, bringing a swath of heavy snow to the upper Midwest Tuesday," the NWS Twin Cities says. 

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The NWS currently believes "much of southeast Minnesota and Wisconsin will have heavy snow." 

More from the Friday morning forecast discussion: "plowable snow at the least looks likely Tuesday with the potential for another high-impact winter storm."

This storm is still more than three days away and its path will probably wobble some by the time it arrives. If it wobbles too far south the Twin Cities might only get a glancing blow, but if it holds its course or moves north just a bit, the metro area and even more of Minnesota could get in on the action. 

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The NWS will likely offer some early snow total forecasts for this storm system on Saturday, which they'll refine through the weekend before the storm arrives sometime Monday or early Tuesday.

But before this storm there is another shot at snow on Sunday. Forecasts are suggesting 1-3 inches will be possible across southern Minnesota, with the higher totals along and south of Interstate 90. 

Stay tuned.  

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