Weather service says 'accumulating snow possible' midweek in southern Minnesota

It might rain. It might snow. It might sneet. No one knows yet.
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It's been rather benign in the weather department for a few weeks now, but that could be changing as the National Weather Service (NWS) is keeping an eye on a storm system that could move through the area midweek. 

In Sunday's forecast discussion, the Twin Cities office of the NWS explains that a system could bring rain and snow to southern Minnesota in the Wednesday-Thursday timeframe, and because the system will be tapping into moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, it might have the potential to deliver some decent precipitation. 


Of course, that's four days away and a considerable number of variables will play gigantic roles in determining where it rains, snows and where nothing of significance happens. 

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It's too far out to predict, but it's noteworthy when the weather service says "we will have to keep a close eye on this system as it could yield some plowable snow."

To recap: 

  • It might rain. 
  • It might snow. 
  • It might even sneet?
  • All in all, no one knows anything yet. 

Taking a look at the computer models, nothing looks overly impressive and shows up as mostly rain. But again, it's four days out so it's worth watching. Enjoy the fancy GIFs from Pivotal Weather below. 

GFS (American) model: 


GDPS (Canadian) model: 


ECMFW hi-res (European) model: 


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