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Weather with Sven: Temps 20 degrees below normal later this week

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Well, hello on this Monday. After that weekend mess of a storm and skies have cleared out. We can actually see who got the most snow. You got a bright white band here, moving from southeastern South Dakota, right through the Twin Cities and then up the North Shore. 

That's the snow that felt most heavily over those, three, four, five inch amounts. The Twin Cities ended up getting, at least half of us, or most of us got in on some of those heavier bands. So we had a swath in dark blue. Here is kind of that 4- to 5-inch band that moved right through Minneapolis, . through the northern suburbs and then into parts of western Wisconsin, but of course, a lot less in southeastern Minnesota. 

And a lot of liquid In this storm too, which is encouraging because we are still overall in a drought, but we picked up over an inch of water equivalent at the airport. And a lot of areas here seeing a half inch to an inch-plus of moisture. 

It's been an interesting season for snow though. This is looking at season to date snowfall, since since October. Northern Minnesota, a lot more, but notice the hole here across eastern Nebraska, of just several inches of snow for the entire season and it's just luck of the draw because everywhere around it has had snow. It just happens to be that eastern part of the state that just hasn't been in the line of fire. 

A chilly morning this morning. It was below normal in a few pockets of sub-zero readings, Crane Lake was one of those in the single digits below zero. We’ll see highs today in the upper 20s, but with the sunshine we might even squeeze out 30. That sun is pretty strong right now that combined with the urban heat island could do that in the Twin Cities, and then tomorrow will be a milder day, upper 30s even some 40s in southern Minnesota. 

Already though, colder air moving in northwestern Minnesota, get outside and enjoy tomorrow because it's going to be the warmest day of the week by far, winds are going to blow, this is late tomorrow afternoon, out of the northwest. We've got a cold front that's going to bring some unusually chilly air for the early to middle part of March and ahead of it, some snow showers too.

We're going to see snow showers spread across northern Minnesota, kind of breakup largely as they move south and east. We'll see maybe a few flurries in the Twin Cities or a couple light snow showers, but the northern half of the state could see some actual accumulations. But even there, we're looking at mainly some pretty light stuff here, a coating to maybe as much as an inch. That's some of those bright blue spots, but for the most part, it's going to be fairly light. And then again, as we head further south and east, it largely will be a little briefer and lighter to do much here. 

But it is going to be cold, we got kind of two blasts of cold that will be coming in behind tomorrow and sticking with us for several days. So, Wednesday into Saturday temperatures going to be well below normal. It's gonna push the storm track farther south too. Highs by Wednesday, just low to mid-20s normal high right now is 37 for the Twin Cities. So this is well below that. Teens only in northern Minnesota and it will be that way Thursday, Friday, Saturday, too. In fact, we could be even a little cooler on Friday and Saturday. 

That will also push the next snow maker, what did look like it could bring us some snow in the southern part of the state, now is starting push more into Iowa. Still, maybe the southern, southeastern-most counties in Minnesota, could see some snow Thursday, so we'll watch that. 

But yeah, temperature anomalies Wednesday through Sunday, 20 degrees below normal here in that purple blob and on either side of it, well above normal temperatures. But yeah, we're going to be suffering some of the coolest weather relative to normal in the continent. 

And in fact, the coldest temperatures yet, out of this cold snap will probably come Saturday morning, maybe even below zero in the metro barely, right around it, but definitely northern and western Minnesota sub-zero, but by Sunday, we are looking at warmer temperatures. 

In fact, look at the 50s and 60s spreading into the Dakotas. These are snow-free areas, but will be well into the 40s. It looks like by Sunday and overall milder next week. So just got to hang on but a little bit of an unusual cold snap for this point in the season and the fact that it'll last for 3-4 days is actually even a little more remarkable. 

But 28 today. 38 tomorrow. And again, we’ll have a few snow showers, the winds will pick up, but maybe get in a walk or something tomorrow outside and enjoy the milder temperatures. 

Of course, watch out for all the ice, though. And then it will be chillier, in fact, Friday, maybe we won't even hit 20, and that could set us up for a pretty cold night Friday night, down to near zero. Hopefully the last of any kind of temperatures like that this season.

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