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When is the windy weather going to stop in Minnesota?

If you don't like the wind, you won't have to wait long for calm conditions.
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The wind has been a-howlin' in Minnesota the last few days, begging the question: When is it going to stop?

Through the weekend, here's what to expect from the weather variables: 

  • Temps: 70s, basically perfection. 
  • Precipitation: Maybe a couple drops Saturday, but that's it. 
  • Wind: The end is near. 

Basically, once the sun sets Thursday night the blustery conditions will come to an end, leading to what should be one of the nicest late-summer Fridays one could ask for. 

Not only will the winds be calm Friday, but humidity will be low and the sun will blend perfectly with some high clouds to make for as pleasant a day as possible. If you sweat when the sun shines, tomorrow is your day to go outside without worry. 

There's a better chance of showers and storms sometime in the Monday-Tuesday period, but the National Weather Service says it's still too early to predict where the best chances of rain will be, nor is it possibly to predict if severe weather will be possible just yet. 


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