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Wildfire smoke in Minnesota | Showers and storms coming

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Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard has the details on the hazy skies in Minnesota, which is the result of winds blowing wildfire smoke in from the West Coast. And this is something Minnesotans could be dealing with for quite some time as the fire season is ramping up. 

Meanwhile, warmer and humid Wednesday and pretty darn hot Thursday before showers and storms arrive ahead of a much cooler weekend. 

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Video breakdown: 

  • Wildfire smoke impacting MN: 0:34
  • No sign of wildfires slowing down: 1:49
  • Fast-warming falls adding to the issue: 2:21
  • Pieces of intense West Coast heat moving in: 2:45
  • Rainy Friday, where the most rain will fall: 3:00
  • Extended forecast: 3:50

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