Wind chill warning issued as Sunday cold will break records

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Technically we're now in meteorological spring, but that will be the farthest thing from your mind if you venture outside today.

That's because after a month of ridiculous snow, the temperatures have dropped to a low that is expected to set records.

The highest temperature in the Twin Cities on Sunday is expected to be just 1F, the lowest ever for March 3. The last time it even got close to being this cold was a 6 degree daily high recorded in 1873, the National Weather Service said.

But the wind chills will make it feel even worse. Wind chill warnings were issued in the west of Minnesota late Saturday, with "feels like" temps getting as low as -40 in the Alexandria area.

They dipped to around 29 below in the metro, and that'll continue on Sunday when the warmest wind chills are expected to be 17 below, which will dip once against to 28 below tonight.

With wind chills at this level, those going outside should be aware that exposed skin is at risk of frostbite within 30 minutes, and as little as 10 minutes in the coldest areas.

What next?

Things will improve slowly as the week unfolds, with temperatures rising into the single digits on Monday, followed by the teens on Tuesday and Wednesday, though this is still below what you'd expect for early March.

Southwestern Minnesota might get some snow on Thursday, though the rest of the state should avoid any.

That might not be the case next weekend though, with the NWS noting "there is potential for a system to bring heavy snow and windy conditions to the northern plains and western Great Lakes region."

At this stage it's still too far out to make an genuine predictions about where it will land and when, so watch this space.

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