Winter storm watch for northeast Minnesota, Twin Cities to get mostly rain again

Rain for the metro while areas of northern Minnesota get all the snow.
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If you live in west-central to northeast Minnesota you've likely enjoyed a pretty snowy winter snow far. But folks in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota have been missing out on the snow, and that trend is expected to continue with the next system moving through Sunday night into Monday. 

While it'll be mostly rain for the metro area and southern Minnesota, plowable snow will fall to the north with some impressive amounts likely piling up along the North Shore. 

A winter storm watch has been issued for parts of northeast Minnesota, where 6-12 inches, possibly more in some areas, could fall. Generally, anywhere north of Hinckley is going to get a healthy amount of snow. 

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The National Weather Service (NWS) is currently forecasting 1-3 inches in and around St. Cloud, 2-4 in the Brainerd Lakes Area and much lower totals further south. 

Most of the snow will fall overnight Sunday into Monday morning. 

Once again, the Twin Cities is in the warm zone and will see an early burst of snow change over to rain. 

"The warm air looks to get here soon enough to result in this being a mainly rain event from the Twin Cities over into Eau Claire, with the greatest potential for plowable snow (2-4") up along the US-8 corridor in WI," says the NWS Twin Cities forecast discussion from Saturday morning. 

Here's a look at one simulated future radar showing precipitation entering Minnesota after 7 p.m. Sunday and getting out of the state around 7 p.m. Monday. 


The NWS isn't expecting much freezing rain in the metro, but roads could get slick as the snow changes over to rain (assuming that it actually does snow before it rains). 

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