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Heat wave and storm chances for Minnesota; Yellowstone flooding

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Nice today. Saturday won't be quite hot yet in the Twin Cities. In fact, we could have a few clouds & an isolated shower but the heat really blasts the metro Sunday through Tuesday. 

The question is whether any storms can push through the heat dome? If not, it's going to get pretty dry with the powerful sun and hot temps. 

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Here's a great graphic from Tomer Burg of PolarWX showing most of Minnesota under a bubble of 99th percentile heat on Monday. In other words, records could be broken Monday. 


The key to any storms busting through a strong cap on Monday will be the temp and dew point. If temps surge into the mid/upper 90s, Sven says it'll tag dew points in the 70s to have any shot of storms getting going Monday afternoon and evening. 

Earlier this week, the National Weather Service was saying it was "likely" that temps would surge over 100 degrees in the Twin Cities both Sunday and Monday. But the latest from the NWS calls for a high of 96 in the Twin Cities both days. 

That said, an excessive heat watch is in place Sunday morning through Monday morning as the heat index could climb as high as 105 degrees. 

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