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The women in the viral Fargo video have hugged it out

Police chief brought them together after anti-Muslim tirade

Even a really ugly incident can lead to more understanding and respect, Fargo's police chief says.

And Chief David Todd is using a now-infamous viral video from his city as Exhibit A.

What started as an argument over cars parked close together outside a Walmart this week degenerated into a woman yelling "We’re going to kill all of you. We’re going to kill every one of you f------ Muslims."

Amber Hensley later wrote on Facebook that her outburst came after she'd been insulted by the women in the car – three Somali-Americans who live in Fargo, Sarah and Laleyla Hassan plus their friend Rowda Soyan. The incident led to Hensley losing her job with a Fargo accounting firm. It also painted a pretty ugly picture of how things are going in Fargo.

The police chief calls them together

In his Facebook post late Thursday Chief Todd wrote that the incident outside Walmart "showed we have some things to work on."

But Todd said the whole thing also shows what can be accomplished even after mistakes are made.

 The chief says when he brought Hensley together with the Hassan sisters each of them expressed regret about what they'd done and things they'd said. They apologized and – most importantly, Todd says – they forgave each other. Along the way they gained understanding and respect for each other, he says.

 Todd says the women were interested in getting together to work through things and he thanked them for letting the police department facilitate that.

His full statement is here and below.

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