1 month later: 'Miracle baby' doing well after 11-story fall

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It's been a month since Musa Dayib survived an 11-story fall from the balcony of a Minneapolis apartment – and he's healing well.

"He is the same way that he was before," Musa's mother, Fadumo Abdullahi, told the Star Tribune through an interpreter. "This is something beyond comprehension."

On May 11, the 15-month-old followed his older sister out onto the balcony of their apartment and somehow slipped through the railing that runs along the edge of it, falling 11 stories and landing on a small patch of mulch, which doctors say helped save his life.

His doctors dubbed him a "miracle baby" – a doctor had said the fall would have killed an adult, but somehow Musa lived.

He suffered serious injuries including two broken arms, bruised lungs, a fractured back and a concussion. He left the hospital on May 23 and returned home, wearing a body brace as well as casts on his arms, KSTP reports.

On Thursday, almost exactly a month since his fall, he'll get his last cast removed, the Star Tribune says. The newspaper notes that the only other visible sign of the boy's fall is a pink scar on the back of his head.

The Star Tribune has a photo gallery on its website that shows how well Musa is doing. Photos show him playing with a toy car, jumping around and smiling in his family's apartment on Wednesday.

Abdullahi told the Star Tribune that her family plans to move to a lower unit once one opens up. Since Musa's fall, his family and the community at the Riverside Plaza apartment complex have been pushing for change in hopes of preventing something like this from happening again.

“No other kid deserves what happened to my kid and I hope the owner of these buildings changes the lock on the railing,” the boy's father Gulad Ahmed told KSTP a few weeks ago.

Minneapolis city officials have said Riverside Plaza exceeds state code related to balcony railings.

Officials with the management group Sherman Associates, which owns the apartment building, have said they are examining more permanent fixes, including adding childproof latches at a height on the door that a child could not reach.

Several groups are holding a fundraiser dinner at the Brian Coyle Community Center Thursday at 5:30 p.m. to raise money for Musa, WCCO reports.

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