1 police officer shot and killed, 3 others injured on Sunday alone

Four cops were shot in four different cities on Sunday.

One police officer was shot and killed, and three others were injured in shootings just on Sunday – with two incidents being described by police as targeted attacks.

There have been 127 officers killed while working this year, and 58 of those have been from gunfire.

The number of shooting deaths is up 71 percent this year compared to 2015, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page. In November alone, 11 out of the 15 officers killed in the line of duty were due to shootings. At the beginning of November two cops from Iowa were shot within 20 minutes and 2 miles of each other while sitting in their squad cars.

Here's a look at each of Sunday's incidents.

San Antonio: Just before noon Sunday Detective Benjamin Marconi pulled someone over and was writing a ticket in his squad car when he was shot in the head, according to CNN. The shooter (not the person who Marconi pulled over) pulled up behind the officer, got out of the car and fired two shots into the car killing Marconi, police say.

Police are saying it was a targeted attack, and are still looking for the suspect. The other police officer who was with Marconi at the time told USA Today that the suspect is a black male.

St. Louis: In another seemingly targeted attack, an officer was shot in the face while driving Sunday evening, the St. Louis Today reports. A car pulled up next to his squad and fired through the windows. He is in critical condition but is recovering.

The 19-year-old suspect was then killed Monday morning during a shootout with police. He has not been identified yet.

Sanibel, Florida: Similar to the San Antonio shooting, the officer was shot during a traffic stop while in his car, the Sanibel News-Press reports. This time the suspect was a drive-by shooter.

The suspect, a 49-year-old white male, is now in custody according to the Sanibel website. The officer, a male, was treated for injuries and released from the hospital.

Gladstone, Missouri: A Gladstone police officer was shot after pulling someone over for a traffic violation, according to KMBC. The passenger of the car ran from the scene and later shot one of the cops when they tried to arrest him. That officer suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The suspect was also shot during the struggle and died. He was said to be a white male in his late teens.

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