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1 sailboat or 2? Council will choose new Minneapolis logo


It might be time to bid a fond farewell to the iconic dual sailboats in Minneapolis's current city logo.

We're emphasizing the "might" here. A City Council committee has settled on the refreshed, reimagined logo (seen above) as the city's new brand, after approving it in February – and then doing an about-face a couple weeks later.

There's still a lot of contention around the issue, and the plan is pending a final vote for approval.

The controversy begins with the city's current 1980s-era logo. Minneapolis officials first unveiled the revamped, one-boat design with the intention of gradually phasing it into the city's documents, stationery and signs.

The plan met with initial approval from two city council committees, but hit stormy waters last month over the "gradual" part.

Council Member Andrew Johnson argued that the long-term approach might mean two logos at once for a time, leading to confusion. Concerns about cost were also raised.

Ultimately, the new look was abandoned for the old one, and it seemed the city's two sailboats would sail on into the sunset.

Now, the modernized logo is back and seemingly headed for approval – but why the change of heart (again)?

Practical reasons, apparently. According to MinnPost, council members were eventually convinced that the old logo "does not reproduce well in digital formats" and isn't terribly visible when "used small."

After all, the emblem wasn't exactly made with the digital environment of the 21st century in mind. Vita.mn reports that it was created decades ago by a couple of city employees with an X-Acto knife and a compass, despite the fact that the staffers had no background in design.

The news site notes that the full City Council will vote on the new one-sailboat plan this Friday.

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